Thursday, May 22, 2008

Too sexy for me...

I can’t watch any SATC premiere trailers. I won’t do it. I’m way to excited to be surprised next week when I attend the (kind of) premiere of Sex and the City in (*ta-da*) Manhattan (cue bus splashing a puddle at Carrie in a tutu). It was reported that a Japanese fan paid $52,100 for 2 VIP tickets to accompany Kristen Davis to the NYC premiere of SATC The Movie. Holy Harry Goldenblat Batman.

On another note, I had entirely too mush sex tonight when I watched the season premiere of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’. If you watched the last 2 seasons you’ll know what I’m talking about. SEX: The ‘dancer’. One blogger said they thought that if you cut his hair he would resemble David Duchovny. Perhaps I just haven’t had enough wine tonight…

Monday, May 5, 2008

Making Magic Happen

The Mary and the Mary continue to make history, completing yet another fashionable photo shoot. Only consuming one platter of egg and cheese croissants, and .5 a bottle of Veuve before leaving the location. Job well done, girls!