Thursday, April 17, 2008

Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles;

Last night I had a terrible dream. I was back at my old job, wearing a school uniform. EEEEkkkkk! Of course this means I was back in Australia and that was very unsettling. I love her far horizons, I love her jeweled sea, her beauty and her terror, the wide brown land for me. But not for me right now. I’m all about NYC. So in my dream I was counting my pennies and wondering how I could afford a plane ticket back to good ol’ New York. Silly me. When I woke up I realized I am in NYC and I should be counting my pennies to see how I can afford some of these wonderful Aussie treats while I’m here:

Vegemite – the most comforting taste one can have in the morning when accompanied by lots of butter on toast. Trust me I’m a doctor. For all good Aussie edibles in Manhattan try

Pavlova – ‘Pav’ once you’re familiar. The Kiwis try to claim it as theirs, but we let them have Russel Crowe instead (suckers!). Strawberries, whipped cream and passionfruit on top will positively curl your toes. In a good way. Oh, and no calories – it’s made of air. Truly.

Nudie – not here yet, but what the heck, you know you’re curious:

Mozi – superb little Melbourne Brand and they will ship to the USA.

Dinosaur Designs – Mad jewelry and just about anything else you can imagine made cleverly out of resin. They have a local store in SoHo.

Alice McCall – cute and sassy and stocked downtown at Elizabeth Charles

Katie Hosking: hot-to-trot Melbourne designer. She ships OS baby.

Remember: No one really drinks Fosters. It's make-believe like Duff.


minus five said...

harpy, now i know why you're all about this libby co-worker. you just like to hear her talk because she's from australia.

dear libby: umm, would you like to go eat at outback with us sometime? it's authentic australian and they have free refills on coke and bread loaves.

k said...

I loooove vegemite. Hoo boy. I can only find Marmite here though (and am always stocked). Don't hate. I'll go to Pav asap.

k said...

I meant tuckshop. What the. I was reading in an odd order.

Don't look at me.

aud said...

i like meat pies, kangaroos and pavlova. I should've been an aussie.