Sunday, April 6, 2008

Market to Boro Market

Hi Earthlings! It's Harpy Rhoda coming to you live from my couch Brooklyn. Today we have a special treat for you as Libbette joined me and some of our other Brooklyn-based skirts for the Brooklyn Bazaar Flea Market in Ft Greene. Not only did we see our famous lady stylist at brunch before, proving that we are totally on the cutting edge of trendsetting, but the white wine refreshments warmed my heart almost as much as these chillens selling organic marshmallows: and that's really the face of Brooklyn right there, is it not?

First off, it is a miracle I made it out of there alive as most vendors accept all major credit cards. I'm still convinced, however, that once you find that one perfect idea you will be set for life (talking rockets anyone?). Like there were these antique locks to wear as a necklace, keychain, gym locker locker from Bon Bon Oiseau that you can see HERE in all their entirety.

Next up are some wafels and dinges. Did you know there is an actual WAFFLE TRUCK that drives around Manhattan and Brooklyn cooking up belgian waffles with all the toppings. You did not know. That is what I am here for. Call 1-866-429-7329 and thank me later.

While we're talking about maximum delicacies, feast your hearts on these Brooklyn themed cookies. The actual cookie is soft and yummy (bonus: samples) and if you receive these in the mail from me as a gift in the near future, pretend to be surprised.

The cutest screenprinting from Lotta Jansdotter a Brooklyn artist by way of California. Those little plastic tennis racquets keychains you had when you were 8 from Junk Prints. And some beautiful BEAUTIFUL tres beautiful
jew-els your eyes have ever seen. (don't ask me why we're horizontal here, I'm a shopper not an IT extrodinare) From Gabriela de la Vega, sparkly gems that we agreed I would definitely buy once I acquired my life's wealth, most likely as I near my 80's.

All in all, I would highly recommend a loop around the flea market, if nothing else for the free samples. Possibly with a glass of white wine and some granola in hand. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a Sunday chicken to carve and some Antiques Roadshow to catch up on.

Smooches, The Mary and The Rhoda


minus five said...

Dude. I think you've found your special purpose. which you might be too young to understand.

i don't even give a crap about fashion and you make me want to read every line.

and i second you on those organic marshmallows sold by kids being typical of brooklynites. they're probably also learning mandarine and french, while going to dance recitals, and having privately coached tennis lessons. escorted, of course, by their spanish-speaking nanny who has them reading a dictionary every day. sometimes i want to kidnap all of the brooklyn kids and throw away their schedules and outlined lives and give them an atari and some noggin and make them play freeze tag.

Anonymous said...

organic marshmallows????? how often is this flea market open? i want to go the next time i visit.

lola coca-cola said...

I seriously need some of those marshmallows. Do you think those kids have a website? or an ebay shop?