Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Which one are you?

You know that quiz: which Sex And The City girl are you? (I’m an uptight Miranda, but like all women I wish I was Carrie). So while I’m on the subway, it occurs to me: you can imagine just about anyone you look at as a Muppet character. Which one are you? Tonight I had one of the old codgers from the theater box sitting opposite me – you know, crazy hair all standing on end and a nose that curves down to meet his lips?

I wondered to myself, would I be offering a much appreciated service if I discreetly pulled strangers aside and advised them on how to look less like a Muppet? For example: "Have you thought about combing your hair to the side instead of straight up exposing your largish ears?" "Excuse me Miss, more lipstick to detract from your forehead?" "Perhaps if you stopped humming mana-mana do do do do do when you’re in public…?"

Oh stop it – you know you’ve had similar thoughts too. In fact, when I turned the microscope on myself I wondered – could I enhance my appeal by adding some big false Miss Piggy eyelashes – HIYA! Let’s not stop at Muppets – let’s get right into Sesame street too. That reminds me of a couple I know who remind me exactly of Bert and Ernie….(they shall remain nameless).

Anyway, to prove I’m not the first to make this association, check out what the folks at 416film.com did to bring the Jim Henson’s world a little closer to ours:


Bad Motherfozzie.


minus five said...

i do this all the time. when comics imitate barack obama, they make him sound like fozzy bear.

Mamameldog said...

harpy's brother has a friend that is the spitting image of big bird, size and all.