Sunday, April 27, 2008

Dress you up in one-piece love

The darling Rach pointed out THIS fabulous article to me on dresses going out of style (question mark). It is witty and hilarious and *gasp* scary about the fate of the most versatile item of a women's closet.

Some of my older readers might remember when I posted about my love of a good skirt, but as I move into my more mature, adult stage of life, I've come to appreciate the longevity of a simple dress. Not only is it more bang for your buck, but you can get one for every body ailment you could possibly think of pre-7AM. Bloated mid-section from too many white wines? The tee shirt dress avec pockets. Something comfortable, but thigh-hiding and flattering at the same time? The wrap dress. When co-workers see you in a dress they think "she made an effort" or possibly "she means business" or even "is the dress meant to hide the lack of attention she's paid to her hair?" All valid points, and testimonies on why the dress is the perfect choice for any occasion. The other girl's night, I opted for a dress instead of my go-to black top and skinny jean, and was pleasantly surprised to see that all the other girls were in non-form-fitting dresses as well! Instant partytime.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a way to spice up your wardrobe, become more respected in the workplace or merely escape the constrictions of a waistline, dresses are the way to go.


minus five said...

i'm afraid i'm screwed.

Libby said...

you are so the Mary. You're all about fashion. I'm all about rants and raves. :-(

Anonymous said...

your both pretty in my book so therefore both a mary