Saturday, April 5, 2008

Pimp my closet.

So you may be familiar with my plight. It’s a New York girls’ ongoing quest to get a few extra inches out of her apartment to house her ever-growing (I really must put some things on eBay) wardrobe.

Tall, skim, one pump, low-foam, caramel macchiato in hand, I was yearning this morning, ironically, to simplify my life. I literally swooned at the sight of The Container Store looming up ahead on Lex. I forgot it was there! This store is a Saturday morning shopper’s oasis…never mind Bloomingdales on the next block and her womanly wiles.

Now, I don’t care if you’re not inherently handy, this is a girl’s hardware store. Home Depot with ribbons and a natty pink hammer. There is nothing you could want to store that this place can’t help contain. And no Gnarps and Luftigs like Ikea (although I missed the Hotdogs and Meatballs). Everything is beautifully simple and clearly marked and gosh darnit if the staff aren’t pleasant and helpful too.

Holla Candy Spelling - I know where you got the idea for your gift wrapping room now. Did you know you can get an umbrella the size of a mobile phone? How about a stopwatch you put on your, let’s say meatballs (I’m sorry I dissed you Ikea) in the fridge, that reminds you when their time is up? Yes my friend TCS has it.

Well. I’m in organized heaven. Some 3M Mounting Tape, a High Performance Bra Bag, a Cable Turtle and an 8 compartment Hanging Sweater Bag later I have at least another room in this studio apartment now.

And yes, perhaps I’ll have a decaf next Saturday.

Next week: The lazy girl's guide to culling your hoarded clothes and papers. AKA – Isn’t there someone you can pay to do that?

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